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          BUILDING ON AN


                                                                              - The Middle East Airlines
                                                                              Training & Conferences Center,
                                                                              Lebanon, ENR Global Best
                                                                              Project 2018 Award of Merit

                                                                              Each project required a high
                                                                              level of technical expertise,
                                                                              and each one was praised by
                                                                              the judges for incorporating
                                                                              innovative design and
                                                                              construction techniques.

                                                                              Taking Al Habtoor City as
                                                                              a case in point, this was a
                                                                              complex, large-scale multi-use
                                                                              development on a prime site
                                                                              in the heart of Dubai. With a
                                                                              built-up area of 360,000 m²,
                                                                              key components were three
                                                                              five-star hotels and a 1,300-seat
                                                                              aqua theatre, one of only three
                                                                              in the world, that hosts Dubai’s
         Khatib & Alami (K&A) enjoyed       performance was reflected in      first permanent show, La Perle,
         unprecedented recognition          our employees’ willingness to     by legendary Creative Director
         from clients, partners and peers   embrace the change required       Franco Dragone.
         last year by winning a host of     to meet the challenges of a
         industry awards.                   dynamic and competitive global    As lead consultant, one of
                                                                              our main challenges was
         These awards not only set us       construction sector, and this     to guarantee the punctual
         apart from our competitors,        ethos was a major factor in our   delivery of the three hotels.
         but also further invigorate our    multiple award wins.
         drive to be at the forefront of    Our Consultant of the Year
         innovation and sustainability in   award was quickly followed
         the construction sector.           by a triple triumph at the
         Our most prominent company         renowned ENR Global Best
         award was achieved in              Projects Awards in New York.
         October, when we were named        A panel of industry judges
         Consultant of the Year at          assessed our projects based
         the Construction Innovation        on our ability to overcome
         Awards in Dubai. To receive        diverse design and construction
         such a prestigious accolade        challenges, contribute to the
         against an impressive shortlist    local community, address
         of international consultancies     quality, innovation, sustainability
         is testament to the great work     and safety considerations, and    We devised a plan to construct
         our 5,500+ strong workforce is     effectively collaborate with all   them simultaneously along
         doing right across the business.   project stakeholders. Our three   with the aqua theatre in order
                                            awards were:
         We invested significantly                                            to speed up their delivery and
         in our people, capabilities,       - AI Habtoor City, UAE,           keep the project on track and
         technologies and systems last      ENR Global Best Project 2018      within budget. The overall
         year in order to ensure we         Winner (Hospitality)              project was a huge logistical
         were fully equipped to meet        - ABC Verdun Mall, Lebanon,       challenge involving our
         and exceed the expectations        ENR Global Best Project 2018      engineers collaborating with
         of our clients. Our impressive     Winner (Retail)                   approximately 150 companies.

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