Page 7 - Inside K&A - March 2019
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In total, there were over 49      included special ‘air curtains’,   Dubai in December. We picked
          million safe man-hours worked,    which forcibly but seamlessly      up the Infrastructure Project
          and during the construction       separate the wet performers’       of the Year for our role as lead
          phase nearly 34,000 people        zone (which exceeds 30˚C)          consultant of the Al-Wajeed
          attended safety inductions.       from the audience zone             Water Master Plan in Saudi
                                            (which requires a temperature      Arabia, one of the Kingdom’s
          At the MEP Middle East Awards     of 24˚C) without affecting the     major social and economic
          in Dubai in November we were      show’s performance and the         initiatives aligned with Saudi
          awarded the Plumbing Project      audience experience.               Vision 2030.
          of the Year for our role as lead
          consultant of La Perle in Al      A highly successful awards         Our work on the life-sustaining
          Habtoor City, Dubai, while our    season was rounded off with a      project, located in the
          engineer, Mansour Kharoub, was    further award at the prestigious   Kingdom’s Empty Quarter (the
          named Mechanical Engineer         Construction Week Awards in        world’s largest uninterrupted
          of the Year, for his exemplary                                       sand mass), has helped
          performance throughout                                               safeguard the well-being
          the year.                                                            of more than half-a-million
                                                                               people in Tathleeth and Bisha
          La Perle was a truly stunning                                        governorates who were at
          project which allowed us to                                          risk from water shortages and
          demonstrate our engineering                                          opened up what was previously
          expertise and separate                                               thought of as an inaccessible
          ourselves from the competition.                                      area – the Empty Quarter –
          We drew upon our global                                              to new development and
          design resources to deliver                                          investment opportunities.
          the plumbing elements of the
          project using international best                                     A highly complex undertaking
          practice techniques, with a focus                                    lasting eight years and involving
          on sustainability, efficiency,                                       more than 2,000 people at its
          safety and reliability.                                              peak, we oversaw the design
          Complex design challenges                                            and build of a world-class
          included a stage that transforms                                     water desalination plant and
          in seconds from a dry platform                                       conveyance system
          to 300 mm water-filled pool                                          (68,000 m /day) to safely
          (and back again) using                                               extract and purify water from
          2.7 million liters of water to                                       the Al-Wajeed wells and
          simulate effects such as rainfall                                    transport it some 600 km to
          and floods. MEP innovations                                          strategic reservoirs in Tathleeth.
                                                                               From there, potable water is
                                                                               now being distributed to the
                                                                               local population who were
                                                                               suffering from a drought,
                                                                               exacerbated by pollution in
                                                                               Wadi Bisha and the drying up of
                                                                               local wells.
                                                                               The construction phase was
                                                                               a major challenge which
                                                                               saw the project divided
                                                                               into multiple construction
                                                                               packages and awarded to
                                                                               different contractors, with
                                                                               work started in parallel to save
                                                                               time. Construction of all major
                                                                               components was completed
                                                                               within agreed timeframes and
                                                                               budgets, with K&A working
                                                                               side-by-side with the client
                                                                               and contractors.
                                                                               Last year was a truly successful
                                                                               year, however we look forward
                                                                               to raising the bar in 2019
                                                                               and beyond.

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